How the Alexander Technique can help you.....

The Alexander Technique was developed by FM Alexander in the 19th Century.  It is now practised effectively throughout the world.

The Alexander Technique allows you to become more aware of the posture, balance and co-ordination of your body. It helps you to release unnecessary tension, to recognise your own poor postural habits and to change these habits.

It provides;

Improvement in poor postural appearance e.g. rounded shoulders

Increased awareness in the way you use your body, alleviating stress and promoting self confidence.

Self help for back pain, neck/shoulder pain etc.

Who might benefit?

People with poor posture, Chronic pain sufferers, people with vocal or breathing problems, musicians and actors, people with stress related problems, pregnant women, people wanting to improve their presentation skills and anyone wanting to improve their general well being, poise and co-ordination.


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